Over-the-Counter Fabrics Division

Wimpfheimer Velvets first opened its doors in 1845 as a dry goods fabric store in New Hampshire;
we have been involved with over-the-counter fabrics, specializing in velvet fabric and pile
since then. 
We have a dedicated OTC customer service department offering the most complete line of

velvets and pile fabrics in the marketplace, sourced from all over the world.We supply all these fabrics in the standard OTC size put-ups and carry extensive stock for this purpose.
Although we specialize in woven velvets and carry the most diverse woven velvet line available
- we are much more than just velvet fabrics. We carry a great variety of stretch velvets, plain
and novelty fabrics, velveteens, corduroys, suedes, faux furs, velours, home decoration pile
fabrics, and costume/theatrical fabrics.

We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with your OTC fabric requirements.
Please visit our product listings for a more complete look at our fabrics or you can contact us directly via phone, fax or email.

Contact Information:
Over-the Counter Customer Service
Blackstone,  Virginia                      
Toll Free :  #877-279-7999  
Fax : 434-292-1112
E-mail:   otcsales@wimpvel.com